Eklund Foundation website now available

March 21, 2016 - News,Press release

Eklund Foundation for Odontological Research and Education, established to support international research and education within the dental field, launches new website at eklundfoundation.org.

The Foundation welcomes applicants from all fields of dentistry and will particularly prioritize projects that can be related to periodontology, implantology and cariology. Applications from researchers on a Post Doctorial level will also be prioritized in the selection.

Eklund Foundation will during 2016 distribute approximately 160 000 EUR / 1.5 M SEK in total, rewarding one large project as well as a small number of selected projects.

Applications for funding will be accepted during 1 to 31 May, 2016, and the successful candidates will be announced in autumn 2016.

For more information please visit eklundfoundation.org.