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Every year since 2016, the Eklund Foundation have distributed up to EUR 250,000 to high-quality projects in odontology. In 2024, the Foundation has allocated EUR 250,000. Applications will be accepted during 1–31 May, and the successful projects will be announced in September/October.

The Eklund Foundation welcomes experimental as well as clinical studies in all fields of dentistry. Projects that can be related to periodontology, implantology, and cariology will be prioritised.

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Please note that applications for 2024 are only admitted during 1–31 May.

How to apply

Open this pdf to preview the application form.
Please note that your CV, including the information listed below, must be attached in the online application portal:

If your application includes funding for travel or salary expenses, these must be especially justified.

All applications are handled confidentially. Your personal data and other identifying information in your applications are saved as allowed by European regulations according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Granted applications will be saved until the projects are officially published. Non-granted applications will be saved for eight years. Please see the Eklund Foundation Data Protection Policy.

For grant recipients

Ethical approval
Please note that applicants who are granted funds from the foundation will be required to prove that their projects are approved by an ethical committee. The approval must be submitted within six months from the announcement date, or else, the applicants must report their reasons for not submitting the approval. Before this, it is not possible to requisition the funding.

By requisitioning the funding, the applicant agrees to commit according to the below reporting system.*

Progress report: A progress report (maximum 400 words) needs to be submitted once a year, starting December the year after the application, and then annually in December until the final report is submitted.

Final report: The applicant is obliged to report to the foundation when the study is completed. The final report must include an abstract, information on where the study is published, and details about how the funding was spent. The applicant must also submit a letter of attestation confirming that the financial funding has been used exclusively for the project.

Please note: The foundation reserves the right to not disburse grants that have not been requisitioned within two years after the notification date. If the entire grant is not used, the remaining funding must be reimbursed to the foundation.

Your information will be handled confidentially.

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*Applies to applications from 2019 onwards.