Eklund Foundation announces the successful candidates of 2017

September 26, 2017 - News,Press release

The Eklund Foundation is pleased to announce the four research projects that were selected to receive funds, amounting to approximately 160,000 EUR, this year.

– The successful candidates stand out among a considerable number of international applicants and fulfill the assessment criteria very satisfyingly. These projects have the potential to add valuable knowledge within their respective fields, says Joel Eklund, Chairman of the Board, Eklund Foundation.

The predefined assessment criteria consider innovation and originality, scientific quality, feasibility, and competence.

The Eklund Foundation was established in 2015 to support research and education in the odontological field. It rests on a 50 MSEK donation by the Eklund family, founders of Swedish oral hygiene company TePe Munhygienprodukter AB.

The foundation has decided to award grants to the following projects:

Peri-implant disease in elderly population: epidemiology and treatment strategy of an emerging problem

Applicant: Riccardo Guazzo, University of Padova, Italy.
Co-applicant: Luca Sbricoli, Michele Stocchero, University of Padova, Italy.
Supervisor: Eriberto Bressan, University of Padova, Italy.
Assigned sum: 55,000 EUR.

“Alongside the development of dental implants, peri-implant disease is becoming increasingly prevalent. In addition, there is an aging population, which to a greater extent retains natural teeth as well as implants. This study will collect epidemiological data on the prevalence of peri-implant disease in an elderly population, with the aim of developing essential prevention and treatment strategies.”

Periodontitis prevalence in Colitis & Crohn’s disease (PPCC) patients

Applicant: Kristina Bertl, Malmö University, Sweden.
Co-applicant: Andreas Stavropoulos, Malmö University, Sweden.
Assigned sum: 53,960 EUR.

“There is a strong research focus on the connection between general disease and periodontal disease. However, the possible relation between Colitis, Crohn´s disease, and periodontal disease needs further research, and this project will bring a deeper understanding of how these diseases may interact.”

Effect of daily flavonoid supplements on periodontal and systemic conditions before and after periodontal treatment

Applicant:  Monique Danser, ACTA, The Netherlands.
Supervisor: Ubele van der Velden, ACTA, The Netherlands.
Assigned sum: 28,995 EUR.

“The beneficial effects of antioxidants from a health perspective is a popular field of research. This study will investigate the potentially positive effect of flavonoids as an addition to conventional periodontal treatment, possibly contributing to a favourable outcome.”

Tuberosity versus palatal donor site for subepithelial connective tissue graft in root coverage therapy: a randomized clinical trial

Applicant: Sébastien Moreaux, Rothschild Hospital, Paris, France.
Supervisor: Philippe Bouchard, Rothschild Hospital, Paris, France.
Assigned sum: 20,000 EUR.

“Surgical correction, in the form of tissue transplantation, is one treatment choice for gingival recessions. This study has a clear clinical relevance in its aim to compare the results of harvesting grafts from the anterior palate, versus from the tuberosity.”